We give your life and home a wellness makeover

Our SERVICES are designed to get your life back on track... and staying there!

• Supportive of healthy habits and lifestyle goals

• Full of real food to nourish you and keep you energized

• Limited in temptations and access to bad habits

• Welcoming, inspiring, and nurturing

• Neat, organized, free of clutter, yet warm and inviting

• Functional and ergonomic

• Reduced in toxins that harm people and pets

• Geared toward health and wellness

• A haven for your family and welcoming for friends

• A physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially healthy habitat

• Full of positive energy and inspiration

• Designed specifically for the unique needs of your family

Wellness Coaching

Deciding what you want to improve and how we can get you to your goals.

  • We have found that the home environment has a powerful effect on our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and even occupational health, so recommendations are best made in the home for lasting change.
  • We will discuss the challenges you're facing in everyday life and how we can improve your mindset, and your environment, to move you past these issues to a stronger sense of wellness.
  • Areas of focus include nutrition, hydration, exercise, sleep, toxins, stress, relationships, and beyond. 
  • With wellness coaching we work together to harness your motivation for positive change. We empower you to achieve and sustain your wellness goals by discovering and implementing your intrinsic strengths while guiding you through the process. 
  • A lifestyle journal is one of the tools we'll use to keep track of daily and weekly habits and assess the opportunities for improvement.
  • Together we will create a personalized, structured plan that is geared toward your pace and level of comfort for change.
  • Encouragement, accountability, and education are given to keep you motivated and moving forward.
  • Telephone sessions are an option for Wellness Coaching for clients away from home or during times of distress.

  • Additional external resources may be offered for specific guidance on your journey.

Wellness Consulting

Creating a healthier lifestyle with new habits in your home and beyond.

  • Wellness consultants are educated in the tools that help us to achieve our health and wellness goals. There are ideas and solutions you may not have ever considered, or even discovered, that are simple and effective.
  • Our home environment has a profound effect on our lifestyle, thus it makes sense to alter our habitat to support our health.
  • Areas of focus include nutrition, hydration, exercise, sleep, toxins, stress, relationships, and beyond to improve physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and occupational health.
  • Home gym consulting for equipment and workout options for cardio, strength training, core conditioning, stretching, and other exercises are discussed with instructions on proper form for safety and effectiveness.
  • Ideas and inspiration for activities include all family members.
  • Relaxation techniques and other methods to reduce stress and improve mood are offered.
  • Discover the importance of a home that appeals to all your senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.
  • Recommendations for healthier personal hygiene and beauty products to reduce exposure of adults, children, infants, and pets to toxic chemicals.
  • Options for remediating indoor toxins and pathogens.
  • List of non-toxic cleaners and devices that are effective for home cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitation.
  • Many more items for improving wellness will be discussed in our sessions.

Weight Loss Consulting

Changes in weight are a result of various influences on our lifestyle. What we eat is a major factor, but there many aspects of life that affect our weight.

  • We believe our home environment has the greatest impact on our weight.
  • We will discuss current eating and activity habits, as well as other aspects of lifestyle that influence weight gain and loss.
  • While calories play a role, this is just one of many facets to be addressed. It is often other lifestyle areas that have a greater influence on the waistline, beyond calorie count.
  • A plan will be created just for you, which will specifically combine the services above to reach weight or body transformation goals. 
  • Each person is unique, as are the reasons they gain and keep excess weight, so the approach will be very individualized. 
  • We will communicate regularly to check on progress and to keep you informed, accountable, and inspired.
  • This service is also ideal for clients who are underweight and want to gain healthy pounds.

Holistic Nutrition Consulting

Making better meal choices starts with having access to better food at home.

  • Most of our meals and meal planning take place at home; let's make sure you have great options to choose from and enjoy making and eating many home-prepared meals.
  • We'll discuss your current eating habits (using a food journal) and decide together what needs improvement.
  • There will be an assessment of existing grocery inventory (fridge, freezer, and pantry) and advice on how to increase daily nutrition intake while reducing tempting, toxic foods that are harmful.
  • Optional trip to the grocery store and nutrition label break down will improve shopping skills and bring better food home.
  • Information on various diets and eating plans, and which option may best suit you and your family (including specific needs and/or food allergies/sensitivities) will be discussed.
  • Together we'll create meal plans with a healthy spin on your favorite recipes as well as exploring a whole new world of food that your body will love.
  • Information and education on whole food supplements and detox/purification programs is offered.
  • Tips for healthy options when eating out will help keep you on track when dining away from home.

Professional Organizing

Reducing the volume of items, utilizing space and time more efficiently, and creating systems to keep everything tidy and organized.

  • Clutter can really take a toll on us by causing stress, anxiety, guilt, shame, and many other unpleasant emotions. It is said that physical clutter = emotional clutter.
  • We'll start with an assessment of the spaces/rooms you want to organized and how these are affecting your mood and everyday life. We can work on the whole house, just one room, the garage, one closet, etc.
  • We'll streamline the barriers that slow you down or cause stress when doing certain activities, like getting ready in the morning, cooking a meal, enjoying a hobby, etc.
  • Together we will declutter what you have, pass on unused or unwanted items, find a 'home' for what stays, and make your space more efficient.
  • These are your items and therefor we will work together on this, offering guidance, moral support, accountability, and a sounding board for your choices.
  • The goal is not to become a minimalist, the goal is to be surrounded by things you love and use, while reducing the volume of items in the house. The less stuff you have, the less there is to store, clean, maintain, and repair.
  • Having an organized home is not just good for the psyche, it also saves time and money!
  • Organizing services also include creating a personal or family schedule that helps you find more time for the things you love, while being more productive.
  • When your home and schedule are organized, life is less chaotic and stressful. You’ll find it easier to enjoy and unwind each day, and there will be more time for taking care of yourself. 

Interior Design

Creating a home that is more functional, supportive, beautiful, and welcoming for your family and friends.

  • A happy house offers design that focuses on its extraordinary inhabitants, the people and things they love, motivation to stay with a healthy lifestyle, and inspiration for adventures ahead.
  • We help create a home environment that is welcoming, comfortable, appealing, and relevant by designing interior and exterior spaces based on your specific taste, lifestyle, goals, interests, and challenges.
  • We'll recommend color choices to affect the ‘mood’ of a room and enhance the function of the space.
  • Improving the energy and traffic flow can have major impact on your daily life.
  • We are happy to work with what you have! We can redesign your current furniture placement to maximize home use and function, and also recommend new pieces to make even greater changes.
  • Shopping and sourcing time may be charged in addition to service prices. Cost for any pieces added to your home are not included in the service pricing below. All shopping and product prices will be pre-approved by client.

Essential Oil and Herb Consulting

Let a Master Aromatherapist & Master Herbalist guide you in recommendations for the use of botanicals to support your body and home.

  • With information gathered from a session, we can put together essential oil or herbal blends specific to your wants and needs.
  • Customized essential oil topical, perfume, and diffuser blends.
  • Personalized herbal teas and infusions for wellness.
  • Guidance on the use of herbs and essential oils to rebalance the body systems and purify the home.
  • Recipes and resources for cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing products that are safe and effective.
  • Appointments to discuss botanical products are priced below. Essential oil or herbal products can be purchased at an additional price. Prices vary.

Service Pricing

Ideally, Services are Offered in Your Residence

including houses, duplexes, apartments, military housing, mobile homes, tiny houses, travel trailers, and 

vacation homes. Wellness Makeovers can also be done at places of education, work, and worship.

Happy Healthy House honors the uniqueness of each person, family, and home and therefor every plan will be different. 

Instead of a cookie-cutter approach; we offer highly personalized service packages based on client needs and goals. 

Of course if you are more comfortable to meet in a public place, or by phone/online, we can make that happen as well.


This is the first appointment for every client

We will meet for an hour to talk about your goals, wants and needs, and the things that are most important to your health and happiness. We'll discuss our services, decide where to start, and make a plan on how to best use time and resources to improve your lifestyle and create an environment to support and inspire you. We'll estimate the sessions needed to achieve your goals. It is preferred that this meeting take place in your home; there is no judgment; we are all unique individuals and families. I also offer coaching off-site and online. 

Consultation $25


Future appointments for services

Once we determine which services will best suit your needs, we will put together a package that will get you started in the right direction, and continue building momentum, to reach your goals. Because each client and household are unique, we won't know that information until our consultation. The prices for services are not only affordable, but are an investment in the quality of your life moving forward. 

Client meeting hour fees are dependent upon type of services and how many sessions are purchased in advance (packages). Future appointments are paid for in advance and missed appointments will be charged $25.

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